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Chemical Peels Training
LONDON's LEADING - Chemical Peels Training Course for both medical and non-medical students!

This ONE DAY course is available to NVQ/VTCT Level 3 students (or equivalent. Throughout the course you will look at the theory behind the Chemical Peels and will be given the opportunity to develop your practical skills using the most up to date techniques and equipment. You will receive the Certificate of Completion.

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  • To gain an understanding of the use of chemical peels.

  • To appreciate and have knowledge of the different types of chemical peels currently available and the pros and cons of each.

  • Discuss and have appreciation of various techniques and anatomical considerations.

  • Understand the importance of accurate patient assessment from the initial consultation through to the actual treatment itself by watching a series of live demonstrations.

  • To understand how to carry out the procedures by undertaking a practical workshop (hands on workshop session) on a live patient.

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Scars, pigmentation, active acne and removal of fine lines and wrinkles

Chemical peels can be a highly effective way to target a range of conditions including acne, sun damage, pigmentation, fine line and wrinkles, and scarring.

They work by removing damaged outer layers of skin to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin beneath. They improve texture and can even remove acne scarring as well as treating active acne.

At CFMSR, we use a range of chemical peels to enable you to achieve the results you’re looking for. 

Unlike most other treatments, chemical peels go deeper than the skin’s top layers to penetrate the mid to lower levers of the epidermis. This delivers bigger results that last far longer.

This is the perfect treatment to add to your menu.

This course will allow you to confidently and professionally deal with all skin types.

This course necessitates you to bring your own model. Please note if you wish to be trained on a specific treatment area then please ensure you bring a model as we cannot guarantee that other students' models require such treatment.


Location: West London; Small groups - limited number of places!.

2 March 2019 (Sat) - £695

Location: West London

Sold Out

5 April 2019 (Fri) - £695

Location: West London

Sold Out

9 August 2019 (Fri) - £695

Location: West London

Sold Out

21 December (Sat) - £695

Location: West London


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Chemical peels
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