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KARISMA Training Course
LONDON's ONLY - KARISMA Training Course for both medical and non-medical students!
The innovative KARISMA Soft Collagen filler training will be the ideal addition to your professional development.

Booking this ONE DAY course is the starting point for most of our students. Throughout the course you will look at the theory behind KARISMA and will be given the opportunity to develop your practical skills using the most up to date techniques and equipment. You will receive the Certificate of Completion.

We are on of the three KARISMA training providers approved in the UK!


Why KARISMA is unique?

  • It has a better biocompatibility.

  • Accelerates the multiplication of fibroblasts.

  • Accelerates tissue regeneration.

  • It is characterized by perfect homogeneity - it has controlled physical and rheological properties.

  • It is immunogenic and hypoallergenic.

  • Product overview

  • History & science of Skinboosters

  • Ageing process

  • Patient consultation & expectations

  • Delivery method- needle

  • Demonstration on live model

  • Practical training on live models

  • Complications and how to resolve problems

  • You will study theory and practical elements required to perform a professional treatment


ONE DAY training (4-5 hours) divided into:

  • Part 1: Theory

  • Part 2: Practical training: Demonstration on a model and Hands-on practice on live models


Upon the completion of the course, you will receive two certificates: 

  • KARISMA certificate

  • Centre for Medical Sciences and Research certificate of completion

What is KARISMA and who is it for?

KARISMA is an innovative biostimulator based on type I collagen, obtained from silk threads. The treatment naturally restores skin firmness and elasticity.

Natural - contains only natural ingredients, with no chemical cross-linking agents.
Biocompatible – being fully bioavailable, when introduced into the tissues, it mobilizes the skin to bioregenerate.
SAFE - does not cause allergic reactions.

KARISMA is a class III medical device, which contains:
Collagen recombinant alpha-1 R-polypeptide chain 
The collagen contained in the product is obtained from silk threads with the use of innovative technology. Unlike other products, is not of animal origin, but it has full tissue compatibility with human collagen. 
It has anti-aging properties, reduces the activity of free oxygen radicals and endogenous hyaluronidase.
Hyaluronic Acid (High molecular weight 1200-1500 kDa)
It gives an immediate post-treatment effect and improves the quality of the extracellular matrix, and also promotes the migration of fibroblasts.

KARISMA is ideal for people who want to reduce skin imperfections of the face or lips, improve their contours, fight skin laxity, aim hydration and even treat post traumatic and/or small post-surgical scarring or scars resulting from skin conditions (i.e. acne scars) leading to fully natural results.

We welcome, doctors, nurses, dentists and prescribing pharmacists onto the course.
We are also one of the only providers of this course to be able to offer the training to non-medical students

It will be your own responsibility to arrange your insurance for practice.

We provide live models.
If you would like to bring your model, please contact our office.

CONTACT US for available dates!
0208 050 4353


Location: London (Putney SW15)


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