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By booking on to our course, you accept these General Training Terms and Conditions


  1. General Terms and Conditions

    1. Students must agree to the following terms and conditions as part of the booking process.  Failure to do so will result in booking not being authorised.

    2. Participants arriving late will be refused entry onto the course (see section 2)

    3. Failure of participants to attend the full duration of the event will result in incompletion of the course and relevant certificates will not be issued

    4. Cancelation fees will apply once a booking request has been placed (see section 2)

    5. Students are required to ensure that fully payment has been made at the time of booking. Failure to make full payment will result in the participant being refused entry and cancelation fees applied

    6. If a training course is cancelled due to any of the following: Low intake of students; Unforeseen circumstances such as sickness to facilitator, departmental emergencies - Students will be rebooked on to the next available date or an ad hoc session will be provided to accommodate these cancellations.

    7. Students who fail to turn up on the event date will not be offered alternative booking date and will be liable for the full cost of the course (see section 2)

    8. Dates are non-transferable

    9. Centre for Medical Sciences & Research Ltd (CFMSR) will not provide any costs incurred for additional cover (Travel, childcare accommodation etc...)

    10. CFMSR reserve the right to cancel clinical sessions at late notice due to unforeseen or emergency circumstances

    11. Students must return an registration forms issued by CFMSR at the end of any sessions

    12. Students will be required to comply with all local policies and procedures.

    13. Failure to do so may result in contract termination (See section 3)

    14. All clinical sessions must be pre booked in advance via the phlebotomy training email address

    15. All clinical sessions are subject to availability

    16. All assessments must be pre booked in advance via the phlebotomy training email address and are subject to the assessors availability

    17. Students who wish to undertake practical clinical sessions (such as phlebotomy Part 2) must do so within 3 months of attending the theory sessions. Failure to do so will mean that students must rebook the theory course and will incur any costs associated with this course.

    18. The CFMSR training materials and documentation are controlled and owned by CFMSR. These are not to be distributed or shared to third parties by any unauthorised person(s). Any breaches in this will result in termination of contract (see section 3)

    19. Students completing only online courses are not qualified to perform treatments on live models.

    20. In case the government public health measures prevent CFMSR from providing a face-to-face training the course will be postponed until the restrictions are lifted. 

    21. If any course materials or online access are provided to the student, then the entire course fee is non-refundable.

    22. All trainings/courses must be completed within 6 months from the purchase. Students that fail to complete the training/course in 6 months will not be eligible for receiving a refund.

    23. These terms and conditions supersede any and all previous terms and conditions under CFMSR.

  2. Refunds & Cancellation Policy

    1. Cancellations of >14 days notice will result in 35% of the booking fee being retained by CFMSR

    2. Cancellations of >7 but <14 days will result in 70% of the booking fee being retained by CFMSR

    3. Cancellations of <7 days will result in 100% of the booking fee being retained by CFMSR

    4. Any participants arriving late will be refused entry with 100% of the booking fee being retained by CFMSR

    5. Failure to attend will result in 100% of the booking fee being retained by CFMS

    6. All online courses are non-refundable. Online courses are classified as provided in full at the time of purchase. Students receive access to full course content and a download of all course materials.

  3. Termination of Contract

    1. CFMSR reserve the right to terminate the contract if any of the following occur:

      • Failure to follow any of the local and/or national policies

      • Failure to follow any of the local procedures

      • Unprofessional conduct

      • If patient care is decremented

      • If the full number of clinical hours have been reached

      • Failure to complete assessment

      • Failure to attend clinical sessions without sufficient notice

      • Where students have been deemed to put staff and/or patients at risk

      • Any breach of confidentiality or data protection

      • Any breach of training documentation or materials being shared or distributed to and by any unauthorised person(s)

   4. CFMSR reserves the right to retain 100% of the booking fee if the contract is terminated

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