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Our goal is to support medical students and other healthcare professionals before, during and after they are enrolled in the medical school with what they need for smooth and successful journey. For this, we have planned a wide spectrum of courses that cover the most important clinical and theoretical aspects necessary for all medical students.

First Aid Courses

These courses are based on the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the HSE Northern Ireland (HSENI) guidelines that regulates first aid training in the UK. These are the standards and guidelines that all first aid providers should follow as advocated by the British Red Cross. The contents are based on the Resuscitation Council (UK) and the first-aid manual of the Voluntary Aid Societies. 

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Anatomy and Physiology ITEC Course

This course is essential for those working in a complementary health, sports, beauty, well-being or any other fields that deals with the human body. The course takes from 1.5 months of the interactive (weekends) classroom training in which detailed information will be taught by our qualified experts including the basics of anatomy and physiology necessary to pass the ITEC exam.

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Package of Medical Clinical Skills


In this 3 parts (days) course we aimed at providing a package of clinical practical skills that any health care worker would need. Very basic and essential skills that can help them perform their roles smoothly and professionally. The clinical practical skills are the focus of this course. A short assessment will be done throughout the course and you will be awarded a certificate by the end.

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Vaccination & Immunisation Training

Vaccinations cover a fatal diseases and conditions in all age groups. This one day course is designed to provide you with all what you need to practice vaccination and immunization professionally. We have now opened up COVID Specific Vaccination training.

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Physical Examination Course

This course provides you with the essential skills needed for efficient physical examinations and understanding how to collect signs for all body systems. You will also learn hints and tricks from our highly experienced medical doctors.

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Medical Radiology Short Course

An essential step you should learn beside medical history taking and physical examination, is how to choose the right investigations and radio imaging means that will help you reach the diagnosis. This course is designed to help you to understand how to CHOOSE and how to READ these radio images (X-ray, CT scans, MRI etc.).  

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Medical Diagnosis Skills 

Three courses taught by our highly experienced medical doctors are designed to help medical students to master three fundamental skills that any doctor should learn thoroughly:

Medical History Taking Course 

This unique course aims at breaking the psychological barrier and stress that prevents you from learning and performing these major skills efficiently. The course is designed to teach you how to take the medical history confidently and professionally and includes all body systems.

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